1. Try not to be Nervous – it´s a service as having a lunch after all

If this is your first erotic massage with masseusse or your first erotic massage ever it´s always best to stay as calm as you can.If you feel nervous try mention anything about the surroundings. In fact, it´s an old actor’s trick.When an actor is nervous becuse of the meet up with a casting director, they should mention something innocuous about the room they walk in. Something like „this is a big writing table“ or so. Enough. No jokes or anything that might end up sounding akward. It helps you to start the conversation from basic spot without not speaking about the job right away. Depending on the response of masseusse you can tell easily what kind of connection you will have. Compliments might be tricky so you better avoid them.

It´s nice to use an icebreaker at first. The masseuse will probably ask you a couple general questions about your job or whatever. But this usually works just your way. It´s not really a good idea start questioning her with personal questions and stuff. So you better avoid them too. Or you can try just one question. If she´s fine with it you go on.

2. Do not even try to touch the masseuse

Always remember you are the customer – so you are not in the lead of anything, you are just letting things happen to you. Erotic massage does involve nudity, but this does not mean anything more in any case – it´s 100% passive experience.

3. Don’t Be Too Silent

It does not mean you should be screaming like a monkey druing the session. The thing is to know what you like and being able to express yourself in the right manner. A good start is usually to tell her about your sore parts or injuries she should focus on or avoid them. Every profesional also will appriciate the feedback. She’s trying her damndest to give you the best massage she can.