There is no erotic massage like an erotic massage. There are places where they can not be done. It needs calm, twilight and, last but not least, a positive atmosphere that will have a touch of eroticism – and that is not always easy to create. In the following lines we will talk about how to create the atmosphere as best as possible and to delight the partner to the maximum …

Mobile phone off, lighted candle, quiet meditation music

Just like erotic massage in Prague! The mobile must be turned off and delayed for a while because it is a disturbing element. Lighten the candles and release the silent music that will be released throughout the massage (and of course already chosen in advance, because with the arms of the oil the CD is hard to change, when the music changes the atmosphere would suddenly be a viciver). Higher room temperature is desirable, it does not matter 26 or 28 degrees Celsius, the windows must of course be closed, the draft is absolutely undesirable. Finally, the naked body covered with massage oil is much more sensitive to similar undesirable effects.

A shared bath or shower with a masseuse will definitely delight, it is a great start for another sensual pleasure that will soon follow. Do not mix fragrant sticks and scented candles, the scents will not complement and combine them for more sensitive people sometimes with headache. The cushion under the head will provide better comfort, remember that one towel is not enough. On the contrary, a larger towel to cover the body and wipe the oil soon after a massage, a smaller towel can again cover the underlying pads. Do not forget to warm up the oil as well because it is really hard to massage with cold oil and you will not care much for anyone.

It is important to perceive different erotogenic zones, which are definitely not only in the lower abdomen. What about the lower abdomen, belly button or knee? Fine playing with a hair on the chest or a so-called third eye massage (which is actually a place in the middle of your forehead) will also do wonders.